Not long ago I had a conversation in Cantonese. This conversation made me realize that I have been dropping the ball in my study of Cantonese Chinese. To help rectify this problem I will be working with friends in the USA and in Hong Kong to create an e-learning site for Cantonese.

I’m sure you are wondering why Cantonese??? When I was a young man I had the opportunity to work in Hong Kong for two years. While living in Hong Kong I learned to speak Cantonese and developed love for the people there. I know that someday I will return to Hong Kong and still need a grasp on the Cantonese language. In my experience the best way to learn something is to teach!!!

Who is going to help me with my project? While living in Hong Kong I made friends from the US that I was working with as well as my great friends from Hong Kong. Many hands will make a great work.

Who will this course be for? While in college I have meet men & women who’s spouse came from Hong Kong. I also have a friend from Mainland China who is dating a friend from Hong Kong who wishes to speak Cantonese. My focus will first be for English speakers learning Cantonese. Once the course foundation has been created my team and I will focus on Mandarin speakers learning Cantonese.

How will you learn Cantonese on this site? I will be putting the e-learning techniques I learned in college. E-learning tools include: video, audio, reading and quizzing. You will be able to review the course and navigate the course work at your own time.

Good luck in your endevores to learn Cantonese. I know that you too can learn another language by studying that language for 30 minutes every day. I hope that you will enjoy this site.

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